Friday, May 27, 2011

New Sweet Gear

This week I had a parcel arrive from Sweet and have had the opportunity to test out most of the gear. First of all, their gear is stylish and functional. With most of their products I was able to drop down a size from other products because of the length. Their t-shirts are long, their pants are long, their drytops are long and their hoodies are awesome. I hadn’t tried any of their gear on before, but their sizing chart made it very easy to get the right fit. The Prophecy dry-top and Prophecy dry-pants make an excellent dry combination. After accidentally knocking my throwbag into the Clavey and swimming after it, I emerged bone-dry. I was skeptical about the big straps cinching the dry-pants and dry-top tight around the waist but they proved to be very supportive for my lower back. Kind of like wearing a kidney belt. 

Both Jess and I, being tall people, found the hoodies to be a very fantastic fit. Being able to put your hands above your head without showing midriff has allowed us to do common tasks in public without showing too much flesh (for example, putting a boat on the roof of the truck). Lots of people have been commenting on how good all the gear looks. Thanks Sweet and please continue to make awesome kayak apparel.  

This is the link to check out their gear and clothing… Sweet Protection

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