Friday, May 27, 2011

49 to Bridgeport

After an adventurous day of Finding Nemo (Toni's car was Missing In Action), it came back with different hub caps and a Power Puff Girls throw over. Nemo still needed a set of roof racks, so it was off to SOC to buy some. Nemo was set and it was finally off to the South Yuba. We put on at 4pm having never done the run before. With some good reading and running we made good time to the take out. The flow was an awesome 1200 cfs. It's a beautiful run with fantastic bedrock rapids.

Pete Logde, he's in there somewhere

Jess Matheson

Toni George


Pete lining up nicely

Jess, in the same place

Pete on Ski Jump (I think)

Toni George

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