Monday, May 23, 2011

Back to Cali

It's been an interesting time getting to the States this year... Broken alternator, cancelled flights, missed flights, night-time trains, seized hand-brake, a flat battery and some water features (leaky truck canopy). All the adventures are just opportunities to put my problem solving techniques into practice. 

With a bit of warm up paddling up on the Cal Salmon and getting all our gear together from last year, we are now down in the Coloma region, waiting for the water levels to get good.

 Cascade Falls - Salmon River

 The drive over the North Fork of the Salmon

 Hank, our trusty Toyota

 Breakfast in Phil and Mary's back yard

 Warming up on Kyburz, South Fork American

Hoping that there are many more missions to come, there is a big Kiwi crew here and that crew is just building as the days go by.

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