Thursday, November 4, 2010

Upper Cherry Creek 2010

Well... Upper Cherry Creek almost didn't happen for me, I got some information that led me to believe the flow was going to be huge. I was pleased I went in as the flow was on the low side of good and dropping fast. I went in with a large Kiwi Crew and Evan. Upper Cherry Creek has been my hardest walk-in so far, with blisters on each of my heels the size of a NZ 50 cent coin (not the new 50's but the old ones). My shoulders were also feeling the pain, even with the reduced weight of my boat (thanks Jo). After 7 hours of pain, I made it to the put in. 

Once we got on the water it was a bit scratchy until Cherry Bomb Gorge. My brain was starting to fade, not enough Power Bars. It was all a bit of a blur to me. But a very cool feeling. 

We hung out at Flintstones for two nights, which my body was pleased about. Many laps were done on Cherry Bomb Falls and even more on Jedi Slides.

Taking a rest
The Walk In
More Walking

 The First Slide
 Barny Young
 Jared Mitchell
 Evan Garcia
 Keith Riley
 Toni George
 Brendan Bayly
 Jared Below Cherry Bomb
 Evan Below Cherry Bomb
 Keith Training to be a Jedi Master

 Sam Roil Double Pot Hole
 Sam on the Water Falls
Brendan on the Water Falls

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