Sunday, November 14, 2010

Glenroy, Murchison

The Glenroy is a local Murchison run, just 28km from town which makes it a great after-work run. The Glenroy is very different in style to the rest of the Murchison runs, more creeky than the rest. The Glenroy is a great way to break into grade 4. It's in an unlikely place, a native bush bubble surrounded by farmland. The run doesn't change that often, but it does collect a lot of wood. Keep your eyes out for wood around every corner. It has a great build up to the first grade 4, and is often peoples' first grade 4.

The rapids start off slow and gently build. There are lots of cool eddies and fun moves. The two harder rapids are very different in style - the first has multiple moves and ends in a small pool. The second has a cool move above a row of sieves, but also lots of eddies during the rapid. The two harder rapids are both easy to portage (with up to medium high flows).  The Glenroy flows after rain and also in spring with a bit of snow melt. People do go in super low but it becomes a bit of scenic boat abuse. Hope you enjoy the photos and there is a movie to come in the future.

Shannon Mast

 Soph Mulder

 Jess Matheson

 Soph's Brown Claw


Soph keeping her nose up on the second drop

 Jess lining it up

Jess going pro

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