Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rest of my time in Cali

Well, my time in the USA had its ups and downs. Got to do a lot of cool rivers, a few multi-day trips and every run was a first for me. Jess and I arrived into San Francisco Airport, and after a day we had our Ford Taurus Station Wagon. But this vehicle was only going to look after us for a month. On the eve of Jess' birthday the trusty Ford blew a head and that was the end of that. The next week was spent out of the water, chasing a new vehicle down. We managed to find a Toyota Pickup, just two seats in the front but plenty of room in the back.

Before changing vehicle we got the chance to do lots of kayaking in the Trinity area, we got all the runs on the Cal Salmon, East Fork of the Trinity, Canyon Creek, Scott Creek and the North Fork of the Trinity. Here are some photos of the North Fork.

Jess Matheson
Silas Beaver
 Jo Parsons

After our weeks in the Trinity and Marble Mountains, we made our way down into Cali proper... With a warm up day on Fordyce Creek.

                       Getting the truck unstuck               The new transport

                       Me on one of the first slides             Yan Wong

Yan again

With the Taurus refusing to work for us, we lost a week of really awesome flows. So by the time we got paddling we had to venture further south. From Fordyce it was time to head to Three Rivers. With multiple runs on the Kaweah Hospital Rock section, the Potwisha section, a day trip to the Forks of the Kern, and a trip down East Kaweah, Three Rivers is an awesome place to boat.

Rachel Curtis                    Sam Roil - Hospital Rock

Toni George Hospital Rock
 0 - 60                           Brendan Bayly - Hospital Rock
                                                         Me Little Niagara

Jess, Leela, and Yan Hanging around

West Cherry was next on the list. We caught up with Barny, Jordy and Leela then made our way to Groveland. We spent a day getting suplies from Groveland and the rest of the day getting lost looking for the put-in. We ended up waiting for Shannon Carroll to come down from Truckee, who knew a little more about how to get to the put-in. The flow was low and made for two dinged up boats, it was still an awesome time in there, a beautiful night out and some good swimming.

Jess Paddling to the put in      Shannon checking out her boat
                              Putting a patch on    
Chucks Super Slide
Jess hitching a ride to the take out

Can't wait till next year to go back to Cali, and get another crack at the rivers I missed out on. Thanks to everybody for a great time in the States.

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