Friday, July 22, 2011

Bridge Creek (Cal Salmon)

Rush put out the idea to head into Bridge Creek. Bridge Creek is a tributary of Woolly Creek, which is one of the biggest tributaries flowing into the Cal Salmon. It had been on the cards for a couple of days, but the water was still high. With the arrival of Ben Marr we had a solid team of four to head in there. To get to Bridge Creek you first need to navigate your way through the old forestry blocks. We arrived at the end of a road which marked the start of our trail to the river. With a good solid hour hike behind us we were ready to put on the river. Bridge creek is a very funky run. It has a lot of manky rapids, lots of rocks that come at you from everywhere and lots of wood. The rapids that were big were also mostly very clean. 

Rush and Ben on a very cool slide

Rush hitting the kicker

Ben on a funky 20 footer

Rush on the same drop

Me on the same drop

Me on a triple drop
(One that Ben had also decided to fall into and swim down... Rush bagged him)

A clean granite gorge

Nice boofs all over the place

The last one; straight down the middle and 25 foot blind drop

Bridge Creek saw only a few incidents. Zak Shaw took a hit to the ribs (which I believe broke two of them), Ben Marr slipped into a rapid while scouting (fortunately he had a good line and was rescued before the next drop) and Rush broke a paddle (not paddling but during a throw-and-go). 

At the end of Bridge Creek we paddled into Woolly Creek. This is an awesome run on its own, with lots of cool moves, a big water feel and some holes that had some punch. It was a great finish to the day. 

The more my memory fades and my muscles relax (mainly from the hour downhill walk to the river) the more I think that going back into Bridge Creek would be a good idea. The rapids that were runnable were awesome and getting to do Woolly Creek without the six mile hike in is a great idea.

Thanks Ali for the shuttle.

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  1. I never thought I'd be able to see Bridge Creek. With your wonderful photos I had a tour. Thanks Daan!