Thursday, July 28, 2011

South Silver

After a few runs where I really felt like I spent a lot of time thinking, the idea of going into South Silver sounded great. This run is like an amusement park with lots of clean drops and awesome slides. This run definitely falls into Ben Jackson's PGA category: PGA stands for Post Granite Awesomeness. 

This run contains great rapids including Autobahn, Skyscraper and Plastic Surgery. 

We drove from Coloma to find the take-out which happened to be the easiest part of our day. We checked the flows at the take-out and it looked like we had a good medium flow. From here we took a while to find the put in, a few wrong turns saw us back at main road. We found a group of kayakers also looking for the put in, they managed to point us in the right direction. We put on the river at 4.30pm, just as well it's a quick run. 

Shannon, Matt and myself boogied down stream, making quick time.

Such a fun run. Enjoy the photos...

Shannon on Autobahn

 Shannon on the bottom of Autobahn

Matt on Autobahn


 Matt facing the wrong way

 Me stomping down

 Getting ready for a soft landing

 Getting the nose sky high

 Running the pot holes

At the top of Skyscraper

At the bottom of Off Ramp

Me at the top of Skyscraper

On the last section of Skyscraper

 Off Ramp

Shannon at the top of Sky Scrapper

Shannon about to land sideways

 Shannon on Off Ramp

 Matt on Plastic Surgery

 Plastic Surgery

Burning Man

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