Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Deer Creek

We rallied to Deer Creek, as all other options were going big. The idea of doing a multiday trip was well received by the crew. With a quick phone call our team went from 5 to 8. We met at the take-out with a flow of 750 cfs. An alternative put-in was easily found (thanks to Andy Round). From there we made good time, even overtaking a group within the first 30 minutes (that had put on an hour before us). 

The run had a lot of read and run Class 4, not too much that was harder than that. A couple of rapids stacked up and had some good boofs. The style of the run is volcanic - big boulders make up the rapids.
A few rapids were continuous but these were mostly found in the first half. The second half, after our camp, started really well and ended with manky Class 1, willow-infested, low-volume grovelling. Our team had 2 swims, both of which were pins. This was due to the mid-stream boulder rapids. If given the chance to go back it would take a good crew, more whisky and 1000 cfs to get me onboard. 

Sorting out gear at the put-in

Jess doing a night time repair

Ryan learning the hard way how to back flip

Pete showing how it's done

Drying gear at the take-out

Pete back flipping

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